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Oladokun Oladapo is a professional writer, website designer, and blogger. He loves to read, think, create and put his best and stand out in everything he does.

He is an avid lover of good and beautiful things.


Quality Nigeria is about to expose as many Blogs as possible to the whole world. We are bent on showcasing all Nigerian websites to the world. We want to make a huge compilation of every single “worthy” website available in Nigeria.

We don’t care how many Blogs we have in Nigeria, we would love to show case them, especially the good ones.


How is this Important for Bloggers?

Skill is important, spending hours researching and writing is important, working hard on your Blog is important, but the most important is GETTING PEOPLE TO VISIT OR READ THEM. Without readers or visitors, your hard work is in vain. It’s like setting up a shop without getting customers.

We want to let the whole world get access to all the Blogs we have in Nigeria and we would separate them neatly into different categories. Our aim is to get all Nigerians to be aware of all the Blogs, especially the good ones in Nigeria. What would happen if every Nigerian gets to see your Blog?

Once your website is listed, everybody gets to notice your Blog. You have a better chance of getting visitors that may eventually turn to loyal readers and clients.

If you have little or no visitors on your Blog, this is a great opportunity for you start having some.
If you already have moderate or huge visitors, you can have more.

All these you would get for free!


How is this Important for the entire Public?

Many believe you can get to see all you want on Google.


Google doesn’t read articles. They use Bots to crawl up into people’s website and use some compiled algorithm to determine which one should come up when you search anything. That means if a Blogger does not play their games (which is quite tasking), his Blog may never be found on Google. There are thousands of Blogs that may never be found on Google because a lot of huge sites already occupied those spaces.

Some of those Blogs you don’t find on Google search actually contain the real solutions to what you are looking for.

Thus, we want to have our own compilation of Blogs, so that anyone looking for a blog that talks about a subject can easily come on QualityNigeria, check through the category and see the a comprehensive list of Blogs for that subject. This is a great deal and a major game changer in the World of Blogging in Nigeria.


What you are expected to do.

  1. Give us the link to your Blog or website. You may indicate your name if you are the owner of the blog.
  2. Indicate the category of your Blog or website. (It could be an Entertainment Blog or Fashion Blog or Educational Blog or Writing Blog or Travel Blog or any other category).
  3. Write a short description about your Blog and make it very interesting and captivating. Ensure it’s less than 100words. (The more compelling your description is, the better.)
  4. Post it as a comment in this Blog post.
  5. Share it on your Facebook wall, or tweet the link.
  6. If it is not your Blog, just give the link and the category.
  7. Tag your friends who have Blogs to submit theirs too.
  8. Keep sharing the link and let all your friends know about this.
  9. Subscribe to our newsletter and we would keep you posted in each of our activities.
  10. An example would be shown in the first comment.


Remember, we want to compile all  Nigeria Websites and Blogs and categorize them for easy access. You would be doing yourself so much good if your blog or website is among.



We are going to check all the sites provided before adding them to the compilations. We wouldn’t be too strict with the screening, but we wouldn’t just accept any website posted.

They must be at least, a little worthy. Blogs with trashy and useless contents , spammy and loads of re-directions, unreadable and unrelated contents, no specific category, and general wishy-washy websites would not be added to the lists. They must be relatively good for readers. We can’t afford to waste people’s time.

We recommend reading these two articles to know the kind of websites we expect.


But it’s nothing to worry, everybody should still submit theirs. We are just making a comprehensive list for now. We are not using those criteria, but they’ll be good if you can make use of them.


One thought on “Compilation of all Nigerian Websites

  1. Name of Website Owner: Oladokun Oladapo
    Category/Niche: Blogging Niche

    Short Description: “Quality Nigeria looks forward to bringing Nigeria into one small blogosphere. There are lots of excellent information and high quality-websites out there. Quality Nigeria is bent on handpicking and showing off the best of the bests worth knowing.

    Not only do we want to show off Nigerian best websites where everyone can get quality information, we also want to show intending Bloggers and new Bloggers how to make their websites outstanding, special and of great quality.

    Quality Nigeria is simply Nigeria’s arena of great Blogs and Bloggers.”

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