This is usually the first step in building a website, but fortunately for us, many hosting companies already provide it. This may not be necessarily be a completely different operation any longer but you still need to know about it.

What is a domain? It’s simply the name of your website. E.g the domain of this website is

That is your unique identifier in the cyberspace just like your postal address. You select a name of your choice, check the availability and book the
domain. If somebody has already occupied your desired domain you need to modify it a bit in order to keep it unique keeping the vision/ ideology in tact.

E.g if you sell fishes in Ibadan and you want your website to be, it is likely that someone else already have that domain name. It won’t be available any longer. You can choose another extension like or or or
any other extension you prefer.

If you are new and not sure which name to choose, please contact us to suggest the best domain name for your business website. You have to be very intentional about choosing a domain name as it can seriously affect your business.

Have you wondered why most big companies have short domain names? E.g, and so on. These domain names are very easy to commit to memory. Choose names that are related to your business or idea and the shorter the better. Two word or at most three-word domains are just okay. A domain name is just about $10 to $15 a year. Local domain Registrars in Nigeria can go as low as 1,500 to 5,000 naira per year.

These names are not just picked from thin air. Several companies provide domain registration services where you choose to acquire a particular domain for yourself. Once you purchase it, it becomes yours only. A .com domain usually cost about $15 per year. Most hosting companies actually give new customers one doamain name for free in the first year. If you wish to purchase several  domains for future use, it’s best to purchase from reliable Domain Registrars at cheaper prices. You can buy from them at a much lower price. 

A lot of webmasters advise to register a domain name and host in different companies. For instance, you can decide to register your domain at namecheap and host the domain at hostgator. This is because if something goes wrong with the host provider, you still have your domain name intact and you can just host with another company. If you register the domain and host in the same company and anything goes wrong in with the company, it’ll be much more difficult to restore everything. Therefore, if you also agree with the school of thought, you can register your domain with any of the companies below.

In our opinion, Namecheap is the best domain provider in the whole world.  The are incredibly standard and professional by all means. They are also reliable and trustworthy. Their customer service is second to none. Just for $10 or less, you’ll get a domain from name cheap.

Namecheap is the best bet if you are considering registering your domain name in a different company from your host provider.

 With domain king, you can purchase domains with local TlD extensions .ng or

If you want your website to end with .ng or then you’ll love to purchase a domain from a Nigerian hosting company like domain king.

You can get a .com domain for 3,800 naira and a domain for 1000 naira only. To get a .ng domain, it costs  8,900 naira only.

If you are done registering a domain, then proceed to step 2, which is hosting your domain. Or, you can skip this step if you want to register your domain with the same company you want to host with.