Choosing a Hosting company is the one of the most important decisions you will make while building a professional site. The hosting company you choose will affect your website either positively or negatively.

What does hosting really mean?

Think of this: When you upload something online, does it really just hang in the space? Well, if you have never thought about it, uploaded files don’t hang in the space. They are uploaded to and stored in particular computer where anybody can access, using the internet. That is simply hosting. Hosting companies have special computers that accommodate all the articles, videos, pictures, audios and whatever you upload into a website. Once you select a hosting company, all the files you upload into your website are stored with such hosting company.

How can your hosting company affect your website?

  1. There are lots of hosting companies out there and most of them are cheap and crappy. With a Bad hosting company, You would start having issues with your website’s availability online. Your website would be offline frequently and people wouldn’t be able to access it.
  2. Your hosting company might affect your website’s speed terribly. Although lot of factors affect websites loading speed, Hosting company is one of them.
  3. Bad hosting companies have poor or no support at all. Sometimes, your website develops an issue and there is no one that can help other than your hosting company. If unfortunately you host with a bad hosting company, you will be badly stuck.
  4. They may run out of business and pack up. Poor hosting companies can at anytime run out of business. Your website gets thrown off the internet and may result in all your website content gone with the wind.

You may not understand how important Hosting if you are new to WordPress. Our professional advise to you is that you choose from our recommendation. The best bet is to consider their reputation, reviews and recommendations. Without much ado, here are our recommendations.

Six hosting companies were personally handpicked by us based on popularity, reliability and price. Hostgator, Siteground and Bluehost are extremely popular hosting companies in the world. They are trusted by hundreds of thousands of people to host their websites.  iPage, Namecheap are not only very popular and reliable , they are also very affordable.

In anyway, do not assume all the host companies have the same services. You can’t really expect Namecheap that hosts for just $10 a year to give the same result with hostgator that hosts a year for $71. You will get what you pay for.

But the great news is that you can start with anyone and upgrade or change to a better hosting company when are financially more buoyant.

Hostgator is one of the most reliable and efficient wen hosting company in the world. They have been around for a long time with excellent reputation. We highly recommend this wonderful hosting company for you. They are also affordable.

There are different plans and options with different prices in Hostgator.

With $71.84 you can naira, you can host your website for a year. 30,000 naira in our Local currency is enough to get you started on Hostgator.

Siteground is simply excellent. Not only have we heard excellent reports about them, but from our experience, they are really excellent. We absolutely recommend them.

Siteground does not provide Free Domain. You have to pay for both Domain and Hosting. For the first year, You pay $47.40 for hosting and $14.95 for Domain.

With roughly 25,000 naira,  you can get a good host from siteground

Bluehost can be easily classified as one of the biggest guns in the hosting industries. They are highly recommended by big companies that hosts with them. If you are looking for a hosting company that will give you peace of mind, choose Bluehost.

It’s also not very expensive and you can get started with $59.40 for the first year.

In our local currency, 24,000 naira is enough to get you a good plan.

For many people, 25,000 naira for hosting alone is quite expensive.

Ipage is one of the cheapest, yet reliable hosting company around the world. If you are looking for an affordable, yet reliable Hosting company, look no further. Ipage is your best bet. We recommend them.

 $35.88 is enough to get you started for the first year.

With roughly about 15,000 naira, you can get a good plan from iPage

Namecheap is by far the cheapest international hosting company. The are incredibly standard and professional by all means. They are also reliable and trustworthy. Their customer service is second to none.

For the first year, You pay a meager sum of $9.88 for hosting. For a .com domain you pay an extra $10.

In total, you’ll get a shared hosting and a domain for roughly 8,000 naira. That is by far the cheapest.

Domain king is a reputable Hosting comapany in Nigeria and several  customers are shouting their praises. Not only is their price affordable, payment is very easy and you can purchase a .ng or domain from them.

Domainking, like most foreign hosting comanies provides new customers with free domain for the first year. For the first year, you pay only 4,200 naira for hosting.

Final Note!

The prices above are for basically shared hosting of one website for a year only. There are several hosting plans you can go for at different costs. You can choose to host for 2 years or three years at a discounted price. Also, there are additional services you can pay for. E.g Protect your site from Hackers, Back up your files automatically, protect your identity and so many other options. They are most times ticked automatically. If you want those options, leave the boxes ticked. It’ll cost more. If you do not want the options, simply untick them before proceeding to order.