Frequently asked questions

Quality Nigeria is a company set to provide Quality Websites and Blogs for every interested Nigerians. Not only do we build amazing websites, we also give quality information in our blog on how to be a better blogger and a improve your website Quality.

We also showcase the best Nigerian Websites with high design and information quality.


Not only  do we build professional websites and blogs, we also write website contents. If you do not know how best to craft out  quality contents for pages and posts, we have dedicated writers to handle it.

We charge based on the services you want from us. The cost varies, depending on the complexity of the website you want, the hosting company you want, if you want a premium theme, premium plugins, if you want us to write your web contents for you and many other factors.

Depending on the type of project, the price varies. Just request a quote and we’ll get back to you shortly.

Once again, this depend totally on the nature and complexity of the Blog or Website. For simple websites with simple customization, it could take 3 days or less to complete. For more complex customization, content development and upload, optimization and so on, it could take 3-4 weeks to complete.

Immediately you order a website design from us, we would send you a copy of our free eBook, which is a guide to managing your wordpress account.
We would provide as many information as possible in our Blog and you would be able to apply those information to your benefit.

Also, we provide a month Free Mentor-ship to those who place their website design order with us. During the mentorship month, you can ask us everything you need to ask concerning how to manage your website yourself.


We provide unlimited Free guest posting for Nigerian Bloggers. In return, we properly acknowledge the writer and provide sufficient back-link to the his/her blog orwebsite. There would be no money involved.

However, we have a standard quality of writing and we would not accept anything short of that. Contact us for more information.

Making money from online is not a mystery. If you are serious, you can make money. We have so many articles in our Blog that can inspire you and teach you a thing or two.

You can also download our intensive guide to making money online. It’s a 50 page eBook written specifically to help you get a good grasp of how internet marketing works and how you can make so much money online.

Download the eBook now!

For now, we only use WordPress CMS to build websites. This is very advantageous for many clients because it makes it easier to manage their websites themselves.

For more inquiries, projects, questions and assistance from us, contact us.