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For people to classify your website as a good website, there are a lot of things they’ll observe consciously or unconsciously. If you want to learn about how Google determines and rank websites, reliablesoft made a very detailed article on it. You probably need to follow some steps, do some research, obey some rules and you’ll be ranked.

But, that’s most likely NOT what humans want when they visit your site. They don’t care about your keyword or Meta tags or snippets of codes or SEO rules or any of those rules. There are certain things they want and if your blog or websites does not have them, they’ll lose interest in your blog very soon and they might never come back again.

Here are some determinants of a good and quality blog or website, and these are some of the criteria we use in ranking blogs and we try as much as possible to adhere strictly to them too.

A good website has a good design and interface.

Don’t get it twisted, we love beautiful things. Your design is what people see when they land on your website. People always judge a book by its cover. A poor quality design will chase people away in seconds. A good website is good-looking. Don’t ever forget that.

There are some websites we come across and we just love it. Even without many meaningful contents, the fact that the website is really beautiful is enough to make people stay on it longer.

What are the things that make a website beautiful?

  • The theme of the website. If you are using a WordPress or any other CMS, the theme definitely is the most important factor of beauty. It will determine a lot in the design of the website. You have to choose your theme carefully. Your website’s life depends on it. There are several beautiful free and premium themes for WordPress. Take your time before you choose. If you are developing it using codes, make sure your developer is a top-notch developer.

  • Images can add a lot of beauty to a site. You, therefore have to choose your pictures carefully. Avoid downloading any pictures from Google or Social media. They often download in very small pixels and therefore, would appear blurry. You can also get into trouble if you download and use protected images. Pixabay is probably a good option to download free and beautiful pictures. You can also get a good graphics designer to design some for you.


  • There are pretty and cool colours and there are terrible colour combinations. If your website is painted with repelling colour combinations, people will lose interest very fast. As soon as they are through reading whatever information brought them into your site, they’ll leave immediately and never come back.


Here are some impressive websites with a super quality design. They are very eye-catching and anyone who comes across the blog would want to read their contents.


good website


good website


good website


A good website is easy to read and navigate.

The readability of your blog determines if people will keep on reading your blog. If your blog is very easy and smooth to read, people just keep reading without knowing how long they’ve been on your blog.

How do you know your blog is readable?


  • It’s simple to navigate. The way you structure your blog can make it easy for readers to go forth and back, navigating through the entire website. Your blog must therefore, be well structured that people can easily know how to navigate to get whatever information they need. Once people find it difficult to know where to go next, they’ll just exit the site and never come back.

good website


  • It’s arranged and orderly categorized. Categories on the Menu must be well thought and arranged. Also, your blog posts must be well written and planned. This helps people easily go know where to go and what to expect there. This improves the readability and simplicity of blogs.


  • Its font colour and size are normal. Never make a mistake of using awkward, too big, too small, ugly and unreadable fonts. You may lose a lot of readers. Also, using unnecessarily bright or dull colours might reduce reader’s attention as they’ll be distracted.


  • The posts are well spaced, paragraphed and bulleted. Without proper spacing, paragraphs, indentation, numbering and bulleting, the whole page will look jam-packed, rough and very difficult to read. This is a total turn-off for readers. They’ll get tired easily and go to another website.


  • It has good structuring of words, punctuations and fewer errors. It’s not a must to be a master of the pen to write a blog post. You just have to know how to construct simple but good grammar. There are hundreds of millions of blogs. No one wants to spend time trying to figure out what you mean. They’ll simply exit and visit another blog.


  • It has fewer ads, pop-ups, and distractions. This is one of the prominent features of inferior and low-quality blogs. They are full of ads, pop-ups, and unnecessary distractions. They are annoying and distracting. Ads are good, but they must be few and less obvious. Want people want is information, not ads.


  • A good blog is credible. Without Credibility, your blog is just a page of fables and hear-says. You should provide proves and links to sources of your information or other authority blogs. Even authority blogs provide links to other authority blogs. That makes your blog credible and people would believe you more.


  • A good blog is focused. You have to choose one thing and stay on it. Talking about everything makes you unprofessional. People won’t know what you stand for or what you are good at.  Imagine Messi, being a footballer, also sings, acts, draws, designs, make shoes and writes. What would you have known him for? Nothing! Choose a niche, stay on it and people would recognize you as an authority for that particular niche.


Check out the readability of one of my favorite blogger’s page. His pages are so beautiful, well structured, well spaced and all of the things I’ve mentioned.Check out how he neatly places his ads and pop-ups. Instead of you being annoyed, you’ll be glad they are there.


good websites

Whenever I read his blog, I just can’t stop.

I would have exposed blogs with horrible structures, poor readability, unbearable ads and third-class designs, ugly colours and fonts, and wishy-washy contents, but it’ll be unethical. Unfortunately, most Nigerian Blogs I’ve seen fall into this category. Although, I have seen super quality Nigerian websites and I was impressed. But they are very few. Quality Nigeria would keep showcasing those few quality websites.

If you know nothing about web design, it’s best you hire a good web designer. It’s safer and better. Don’t let a little budget hinder your blogging success.

Quality Nigeria offers such service and you can trust us to build you a quality website like ours.  Let us build your website for you.

A good website has Unique and original contents

Beautiful design and good readability attract people to your blog, but without content, they’ll be disappointed and your website will be considered useless and valueless. People want their problem solved and if you can’t solve their problem, you are of no use to them. Good content is the major determinant of a good website.

How to know your Content is good.

  • It’s simple, detailed and explanatory. The most helpful information is always detailed. There is no way you will write a 200 or 250-word post and expect to be thorough. It’s most likely going to be a trashy and brassy blog post. It’s a waste of time for both the writer and the reader. When people read the blog post, they must be able to understand and be thoroughly clear. You have to ensure that they leave with something tangible. Your readers shouldn’t hiss and exit your blog. When they thoroughly understand, you’ve solved their problem and they’ll trust you to read more from you.

good website content

  • It is unique, well-researched, problem-solving and original. Another bad quality of inferior blogs and bloggers is that they lift other people’s articles and put them up on their blogs. This is a pointer to a sub-quality blog. People need fresh content, fresh ideas, new and better ways to solve their problems and easier methods to carry out tasks. These articles must be well-researched and accurate. Once people notice you are giving false information, they’ll never trust you again and dump your site. They won’t get great contents on your blog if all you do is to copy from other people’s blogs. If you can’t think and write unique content, hire freelancers that’ll write for you. For your website to be a quality site, your contents must be unique, original and problem-solving.


  • Your website is constantly updated with unique contents. Blogging is a hard job, like any other offline profession. When people visit your website again, they want to see new things. They want to have more knowledge. If they come back after some time and they can’t find new things, they’ll drop your site. A good website is consistently updated with fresh and original contents.


I’ve seen a lot of bloggers who are very Lazy, un-innovative, scamming and will do anything to just make it. Successful people do a lot of hard-a work to produce things that’ll make life better for people. Failures just want to steal from them.

I was going through a blog and I saw this. the Blogger was advising his readers to steal other people’s hard-work, put it on their sites and claim credit for it.



This is shameful. Very shameful. I was happy that a few readers actually frowned at it.

Whatever you do, If you want to be successful in the long-run, do things the right way. Create unique and valuable contents. Think, read and research.


Alexa Ranking

We can’t neglect the fact that the better a site gets, the better the Alexa ranking. Alexa Ranking is probably the easiest way to know how a website is doing without going through the site. Therefore, efforts must be made to register with Alexa and get to have a better ranking. The ranks get better with time and effort on the blog.

Note: The lower the Alexa ranking, the better the website. The best website in the world has an Alexa Ranking of “1”. A good website ranks well. it might not rank well if it’s a new website but it will, in time.


These three huge Nigerian sites rank highest among all sites in Nigeria, according to Alexa.


good sites



good websites




Not only do these blogs rank well in Nigeria, they also have exceptional rankings on the global scale.

Blog comments and Social Media activity.

The more the comments on a blog, the more quality the blog is. More comments is an indicator that the website is getting popular and the posts are really solving people’s problem or engaging them.

The more a website is being shared on social media, the better it is. People don’t share unreasonable posts. People share because they find the website content meaningful and want their friends to know about it.

Finally, the number of followers on Social media speaks volume on how responsive people are to the website. The greater the followers, the more relevant the website is.

These are the ways to know if your website is of good quality and these are the criteria we use in Quality Nigeria to rank the best websites in Nigeria.



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What other things do you think people observe to consider a website a good and quality one? Leave your answer below in the comment section.

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