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Your Website Sucks

We refused to select some websites even though they are quite popular and that it is because they suck, one way or the other.

This is 2017, the time for mediocrity is gone and this is the time for professionalism. There is a huge competition out there and thousands of people are putting in crazy efforts to beat the market. There are several millions of professional websites out there. The owners have made killing efforts to make it worthwhile.

Only a few can survive, and if you do not make equal or better efforts, you’ll be far behind.

From what had been observed while digging out the best websites in Nigeria from different niches, we’ll love to educate you on what we have noticed and what you can do to be better and distinguish yourself as a professional blogger in Nigeria. We were proud of many websites we saw but we were disappointed with most.

Here are the few things that’ll make us consider your website as a mediocre website, despite your hard work and commitment to the website.

  1. Your theme/design was poor.


A good website should be structured in such a way that’ll make it easy and efficient for readers to navigate through the website. A standard blog should have four major sections which are;


  • The header
  • The content area
  • The footer
  • The sidebar(s)


A website could get as complex as possible, but looking at it critically, you’ll still be able to pinpoint these segments.


The header

In the header region or segment, basically, you’ll usually find a Logo, the name of the blog, an image/slider, a slogan describing the blog in just a short sentence. Then, you’ll find the navigation menu which would consist of the pages and categories.

Outstanding examples:

a.   Fubiz header.

good blog header

You could see the beautiful logo, the categories, and the social buttons. It consists mainly of the name of the website, a beautiful image that transits after few seconds and a short description of one of their services.

b.  Help scout.

good blog header


Very pretty header consisting of the professional logo, navigation menu, a search box and a subscribe button.  The image remains simple and beautiful with a short tagline.


c.  Webdesignerpot

good blog header


The header occupies only the top section with only the logo, navigation menu, and search box. It’s simple, elegant and neat. The designer jumped straight to the body.


d. brit

good blog header

Just like webdesignerpot, it’s simple, beautiful, clean and professional.

e. 500px

good blog header

Just look at the header layout and you can see how beautiful and professional it is. Check out the simple logo, the navigation menus, the search box and the sign-up button and the picture. It’s so beautiful to behold.


A good header is beautiful, simple, clean and professional.


The Body/content area.


Here, many contents in the blogs are displayed. Most times, the featured images and the first few words would be displayed. You would have to click on the image to read further.

a. Fubiz body


good blog body


b. Helpscout body


c. webdesignerpot body

d.  brit body

good blog body


e.     500px body


The bodies are creative, organized, beautiful and neat. That should be every blog’s goal.


The footer.


The footer can be used for a lot of things including social media buttons, more information, copyright, ownership, contact form, sign up forms and many other things.

a. brit footer

good blog footer

brit’s footer as you can see is very simple and contains only the menu, copyrights, terms of service and privacy policies, which are just pages. Simple and elegant.


b.  Fubiz footer

good blog footer


Fubiz never stays simple, yet the design is very attractive and clean.As you can see they have more options in their footers.


c. Help scout footer

good blopg footer

Helpscout’s footer is an expression of how much information you can put in the footer. Yet, it was beautifully designed and arranged.


d. Webdesignerpot footer

good blog footer

Webdesignpot’s footer is also expressive, with about four columns of information. It stays beautiful and creative.


e. 500px

The blog has a small, few options and very beautiful footer. It is a complete and perfect representation of good blog footer.



We have seen how great and creative a blog could be and undoubtedly, they appeal so much to the readers.



Most recent blog designs tend to use full-width design, which means they have no sidebars. Although it better that way and they blog stay cleaner and more organized, some sites still use sidebars to show information like archives, RSS feeds, tags, recent comments, recent posts, and social widgets.

It is advantageous for sites that have tons of information to squeeze on the home page.

The disadvantage is that it could make the website looked disorganized and jam-packed for the readers.

If you would use sidebars at all, keep it simple and add only very important information.


  1. There were too many distractions.


Let us show you an example.


Apart from the poor designs, many sites were overloaded with banners, frequent and annoying notifications and pop-ups, banners, and ads.

Great sites don’t annoy their readers with distractions. Unless you have already garnered huge fans that are addicted to your blogs, keep off with distractions.

Even if you have huge followers, don’t overuse it. Limit it.

Let people just enjoy reading in peace. If you want a website littered with products you want to sell, just build an e-commerce website.

That way, we know that it’s a marketplace and the only reason people visit a market is to find products to buy.




Did you like what you just saw above? Were you distracted or was it normal to you? It’s very distracting to a lot of readers and this is not the quality we are looking for in Quality Nigeria. If you have your blog littered with stupid ads, just clean them up and make your blog posts neat, organized and well structured. Those ads don’t convert anyway, so why keep them? Excellent Blogs are clean and smooth to read.


  1. You are Lazy and your Blog offers nothing special.


Your blog is just another normal blog that’ll add up to what everyone has written since two decades ago. There is nothing new people can gain from you. Everything on your blog is what everybody already knows and very easy to find out. The truth is, you may not be able to write something that is entirely new or have never been heard of, but the manner of presentation and the “Extras” you add make them special and worth reading.


Many blogs we came across were just too meager and average. They don’t offer anything special, they don’t do anything new, they don’t put extra efforts to stand out, and they’d just do what an average person would do. That’s why they’ll never stand out. Quality Nigeria is for outstanding blogs and those who had made extra efforts to make extraordinary things.


Putting extra-efforts is not as hard as imagined. It could just be in the design, info-graphics, adding sources, digging facts and history, adding mind-blowing pictures, writing in a more appealing manner, adding a little bit of humor to make people enjoy reading what they already know or any other compelling strategy.

Ask yourself; What makes my Blog special and different from several millions of average blogs?


  1. Your content is nothing to write home about. It makes no sense.


We came across blogs that had nothing reasonable to offer.  Each blog posts were filled with total nonsense because they had no idea about what they are writing on. It’s not a must to be a professor before you could write on a topic. What you have to do is read and make research. You have to read wide and wild. Expand on the little knowledge you have by reading. No one would know you are not an expert. Our writer has written on things he had never done before in his life and he wrote it as if he had been doing it all his life. That’s the power of reading and research. Sometimes, it takes a full week of constant reading and cross-checking several internet information.

Quality Nigeria’s writer wrote an in-depth beginner guide (a comprehensive e-book) to photography for a client (from the United States) without knowing anything about photography. It took several hours of intensive reading, searching and writing.


Ignorance is not an excuse. Google is your friend. Don’t write mediocre contents. Just read and write.


As a rule of thumb, writing less than 1,000 words shows you are not ready to write good contents. Unless it’s a quote or a list of items, or a quick guide or solution, write contents above 1,000 words. Take this very blog post as an example. It’s well over 2,000 words and as you can see, it’s very detailed and explanatory.


Also, take your time. Great things don’t come cheap and easy. In-depth and informative articles take several hours to churn them up. None of our posts took us less than three days to write (2-3 hours each day), despite several years and experience of writing. The more you spend time, the better the quality. You can re-check, re-access, add, subtract and do review your writings before publishing them if you spend time writing them.

The more you know about something, the more you write about it and the more information people can have from you. The primary purpose of blogging is to provide information.


  1. Your Blog has no particular niche. Jack of all trades, master of none!


There were many great Blogs we saw, but couldn’t classify them under any niche. We didn’t know whether to classify them as “top health blogs” or “top entertainment blogs” or “top business blogs” or “top gossip blogs” or anything.

They were very beautiful blogs with great contents, but we couldn’t put them under any category. That’s a very bad approach to blogging. You have to pick one niche and focus on it. Let people know what your blog stands for. Imagine your doctor is also your mechanic, your plumber, your carpenter and your barber. Would you trust him to do them all?


If you have information and passion in several fields, start several blogs. Use one blog for each passion.


  1. A strange and wrong niche with no competition at all or interested readers.

The easiest way to fail in Blogging is to choose a niche nobody is interested in. Well, maybe one person; and the person Is you. If you built a professional blog, write professional posts and do all that needs to be done to be successful, it’ll fail if nobody is interested in it. A blogging mentor of mine would always say; choose a right niche or die. You are competing with yourself and running fast on a wrong track. You can’t win any medal that way.

Click here to find out how to do a keyword or niche research to help you find the right niche.


  1. Lack of consistency!


Many blogs have been abandoned and last updated several months ago. Using a traffic checker, we saw their traffic had drastically reduced. Even though they did so well, we couldn’t just choose them because those websites looked dead.

Yes, we know blogging is hard. We know it’s difficult to keep up writing every time, as you could get busy with other things in life. But this is not fair both on your blog and your readers. Your readers want to come to your blog consistently and learn something new or get fresh thrilling contents and you are depriving them of that.

There are several other sellers (bloggers) in the market and your readers (buyers) will start patronizing them. When the best becomes unavailable, the available becomes the best.

It’s a much better world now as you can use your money to hire freelance writers to write for your blog while you go ahead with your business. Freelance writers have all the time in the world to dig out amazing contents for you. It’s the best way to keep your blog alive and running if you are too busy to write. No matter how busy you are, make sure that you post at least, 2 quality contents on your blog every month. In fact, you need a lot of blog posts every month to stay on top of the game. If you can’t catch up with the writing, hire a good freelance writer.

Hire quality Nigeria today and let us write for your blog. You can always trust us to write quality and amazing contents for your blog.

Even if you are not from Nigeria, you can still hire us with ease. We’ll open a suitable and easy payment option for you.

Don’t ever leave your websites covered with cobwebs!


If your blog falls into any of the categories above, start making amendments and today and let us together make blogging in Nigeria the next big thing.


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