How to start a website today without any experience.



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How to start a website today without any Previous experience.


Many people want to start a website as soon as possible but they are overwhelmed. They can’t afford to give up some tens of thousands for a web designer to build one for them neither do they know what magic is being used to build a website. They finally are stuck for months and years with no website to show.

Welcome to Quality Nigeria where you’ll be taught how to start a website without knowing a single thing about how the web operates.

How is a website built?

You need to know that a website is built using computer languages. After the website is built using those languages, it’ll be uploaded via a hosting website using the File Transfer Protocol (Ftp) access. That’s simple, right?

Yes, it’s as simple as that! The only difficult thing is how to learn those languages, use them to build a website and how to host them.

That shouldn’t be difficult, I suppose.

The first language to learn is called HTML (Hypertext MarkUp Language). This is a language that makes you write all the things you want to write on the web. The second language you need to learn is the CSS (Cascading Stylesheet) which is for adding more beauty, colour and structure. Learning it is quite easy at the elementary stage. All you need is your computer, your notepad (notepad++ is better) and a teaching guide.

You’ll need to start writing things like these:


<meta charset=”utf-8″/>

<link rel=”stylesheet” href=”firstcss.css”>




<div class=”header”>


<!–Up above is id=”#” tag for css. Class=”#” also exists which can be used in several tags unlike id, which is only once”–>

<input id=”mysearch” name=”searchitem” type=”search”>

<div id=”tooplate_search”>

<form action=”#” method=”get”>

<input type=”text” value=”Search” name=”keyword” id=”keyword” title=”keyword” onfocus=”clearText(this)” onblur=”clearText(this)” class=”txt_field” />

<input type=”submit” name=”Search” value=”” alt=”Search” id=”searchbutton” title=”Search” class=”sub_btn”/>





<li style=”display:inline;”><a href=”#”>Home</a></li>

<li style=”display:inline;”><a href=”#”>Blogging</a></li>

<li style=”display:inline;”><a href=”#”>Services</a></li>

<li style=”display:inline;”><a href=”#”>About Me</a></li>



<div class=”round”>

<P class=”first” align=”center”>WE HAVE LONG WAY TO GO IN LEARNING</P>

<p><div id=”circle”>YES, WE DO.</div></p>

<!–Also, css selection can go deeper to target a specific element as shown below as the class-<em> was specificaly targeted in the css







html html

That(above) is how your HTML code looks like when you start typing on notepad++. I’m sure you must have seen something like that before. Every website, application, and software is built, writing codes and programming languages.


Learning HTML is essential for your blogging career. HTML and CSS, its sister language, are the easiest to learn and also very crucial. It’ll take less than a month to understand the basics of those languages.

It’s possible to start a website without knowing anything called code (which we’ll get to very soon), but learning HTML and CSS would help a lot in the long run.

To learn HTML and CSS free of charge, register with sololearn or codecademy. These are the best places to learn to code for free. They make coding so interesting and easy.

I personally prefer Sololearn because you can learn using their phone app and they have a wonderful community you can learn from. Codecademy is great if you want to learn using your computer.

Writing and beautifying the pages (front-end) of a website is easy with HTML, CSS and a scripting Language called Javascript.

But the actions and interactions (Back-end) of the website needs to be written using back-end langauges like Javascript, Php, Java, Python, Ruby, .NET and so on.

To start a website, you don’t have to learn these languages especially if you are not planning to be a web developer, but you still need to know what they are, what the mean and what they do.  Spend some weeks learning on Sololearn and codecademy.

Let’s imaging you have successfully written a website with these codes, how do you put (upload) it on the internet so that people can access it?

You have to purchase a domain name, E.g, then pay for hosting (We would soon share more about hosting). You would upload your website into the hosting company’s system using FTP and that is how your website gets on the internet.

This is not so complicated to do, but it can be quite confusing and daunting if you have never done it before.

But with the introduction of CMS (Content management systems), life has been made easier for web developers. Ordinary people with no computer engineering knowledge can now build beautiful websites without writing any line of code.

With Content Management systems, you can write, design, add functionalities, and several other things to make your website beautiful and fully functional without knowing the full meaning of HTML and PhP.

Popular CMS include

  • WordPress (the Most popular)
  • Blogger
  • Magento
  • Joomla
  • Dropal
  • Squarespace
  • Wix
  • Shopify (for e-commerce)

There are several CMS but these are quite very popular, and WordPress and Blogger seem to be the most used in Nigeria.


As said earlier, instead of going through the stress of learning and writing hundreds of lines of codes or paying a huge amount to pay a programmer, it can easily be done through a Content Management System and it’s much easier than writing codes. To start a website is pretty much easier with CMSs. It has its own downside anyway, which we’ll talk about in another article.

WordPress is currently the world most popular CMS and arguably the best. 28% of the total websites in the world are built using WordPress. In this article, we would only consider building your website with WordPress.
Creating a blog with WordPress is easy. Let’s try to create a website/blog right now in the next few minutes with WordPress using this Step by Step approach.


Before you create a Free website with wordpress, it’s important to know that you shouldn’t start a serious online business with free hosting and subdomains. You must read this article  if you are wondering why.




  1. Go to using your desktop and click on get started. (Please, do not use your mobile phone)



2. Select an option. Preferably, choose the first option. Click on “Start a blog”.


3. Choose a site name or domain name.

This is the address anyone can type on the browser and your site would appear. We chose “”.

Note: All free WordPress websites would have a “” extension. So, whichever site name you choose, it would end with a “” as long as it is free. (It’s called a sub-domain). If you want it to be without the .wordpress extension, you have to pay for a domain name. With that, you’ll get something like But for now, let’s focus on getting a free domain name.


4. Choose “start with free”


5. Enter an e-mail name and create a password.


6. Click on “view my site”


7. This is your admin page where you can manage and control how your blog looks and everything in it.


8. The first thing you want to do is to select the theme you like. The theme controls the general outlook and interface of your blog. Click on “themes” and choose the one you prefer.


9. When you select the theme you want, activate it by clicking on “Activate this design”


10. The next do is to customize your design. There are lots of things to change and add to the outlook of your blog and you can do that from the “customize” section. Near the theme option box, you’ll see the “customize” option. Click on it adjust as much as you can. You have to spend a lot of time here and be creative as possible.


11. With about 15 minutes of customization, adding a page and a post, I eventually came up with this; Click and see the new blog I just created just for the purpose of this article. I can make the website as beautiful and complex as I want, by spending time, customizing it and several other options.


As you can see, it’s quite easy to make a website using a CMS like WordPress. This is just the beginning. We’ll cover more in subsequent posts. Start making efforts now. Start now and you’ll soon get used to the whole concept of WordPress soon.

If you are stuck in any of the steps above or if you need help understanding anything while customizing your blog, let us know through the comment section below.


This is just an entry level and for you to have a basic knowledge of building a website with a CMS like WordPress. There are more to building a professional website, using WordPress which would be touched much later



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