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Oladokun Oladapo is a professional writer, website designer, and blogger. He loves to read, think, create and put his best and stand out in everything he does.

He is an avid lover of good and beautiful things.

Are you a  Nigerian food lover? Are you enthusiastic about great delicacies from all over Nigeria? Here is the list of the top most quality blogs in that put in great effort in teaching and making mouth-watering recipes.

Based on our criteria, these are the Top Blogs for Nigerian food.

Congratulations to them.




Global Rank – 2,623,803

Regional Rank – 30,641

Quality Nigeria Rank –9

Facebook followers – 7k plus

Facebook page status – Active

Traffic – Not determined

Consistency of Blog Posts – low

Feedback from Readers – low is a simple and elegant Nigerian food blog. The blog possesses unique simplicity, yet super creativity in cooking. Not only does the blog teach indigenous Nigerian foods, it also shows dexterity in snacks, desserts and all manners of recipes.

You don’t need to read about the blog. Jump into the blog right now and see for yourself.






Global Rank – 194527

Regional Rank – 1960

Quality Nigeria Rank – 8

Back links – 182

Facebook followers – 289k plus

Instagram followers – 48k plus

Facebook page status – Active

Traffic – 250-350k per month

Consistency of Blog Posts – Not consistent.

Feedback from Readers – Low

On the home page of the blog, these words stare at you in the face;

“Classic Nigerian food, just the way grandmas made them. Help us preserve the authencity of Nigerian meals. No westernization, no photoshops, no pimping, a.k.a over presentation.”

There are hundreds of mind-blowing Nigerian indigenous recipes are well presented, explained and taught. It’ll probably take a life time to learn every single recipe on the blog.

Not only does it talk about Nigerian food, it talks about general maintenance of the kitchen and cooking utensils, which is also equally important.





Global Rank – 1,251,499

Regional Rank – 11,729

Quality Nigeria Rank – 7

Facebook followers – 66k plus

Instagram followers – 60k plus

Facebook page status – Active

Traffic – Not enough Traffic data

Consistency of Blog Posts – Not consistent

Feedback from Readers – Little or none

This is a well-structured and beautifully-designed website with top-notch quality of information. The blog cuts across all sorts recipes including all manners of Nigerian soups and meals, chicken recipes, rice, plantain, seafood and bushmeat recipes, Breakfast, lunch and Dinner meals, desserts, snacks, drinks and so much more. Also structured in the blog are Food timetable, kitchen, health and nutrition tips.

With mouth-watering pictures, good structure and detailed explanation, 1qfoodplatter remains one of Nigeria’s finest food blogs.




Global Rank – 758,326

Regional Rank – 12,634

Quality Nigeria Rank – 6

Facebook followers – 19k plus

Instagram followers – 76k plus

Facebook page status – Active

Traffic – over 100k on average per month

Consistency of Blog Posts – Moderate

Feedback from Readers – Average is one of the most detailed blogs about Nigeria food. Contained in each recipe is a step by step approach with complimentary pictures as illustrations so that you’ll never get it wrong.

Hundreds of Nigerian recipes are contained in the blog, including snacks, pasta, oriental cuisine, small chops, pepper soup, jollofs, soups, Nigerian Party favorites, Asian curries and soups and other great categories. The blog has a lot of visitors and feedbacks on almost every recipe posted which means, the impact is great on the readers.

The blog leaves its readers breathless, awestruck and hungry.

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Global Rank – 333971

Regional Rank – 2637

Quality Nigeria Rank – 5

Back link — 273

Facebook followers – 38k plus

Facebook page status – Active

Traffic – over 13k monthly readers

Consistency of Blog Posts – moderate

Feedback from Readers – High is a simple but elegant Nigerian food blog. The blog makes cooking great Nigerian delicacies look easy. As much as possible, the blog diversifies into different ethnic groups, making it a very ethnic-balanced Nigerian food blog. The blog contains quite a number of Hausa recipes, which are hard to come by.

Both in words and in deeds, the blog makes cooking a desirable thing to do. With a lot of DIY video instructions, there’s nothing holding anyone back from learning.

Allnigerianfoods is a blog to stick to if you are serious about learning all that is to know about Nigerian foods




Global Rank – 1,113,545

Regional Rank – 16,444

Quality Nigeria Rank – 4

Facebook followers – 40k plus

Instagram followers – 32k plus

Facebook page status – Active

Traffic – Not determined

Consistency of Blog Posts – Average

Feedback from Readers – Average

If you are an overzealous cook who wants to also peep at other African countries’ recipes, kindly go to Afrolems. No other blog offers such wide variety. Although you’ll learn several Nigerian recipes, you’ll also have the opportunity of learning Togo, Senegal, Ghana, Cote D’Ivoire’s and a few other African recipes.

The blog is organized with a beautiful user interface that’ll make you navigate so easily through the vast heap of awesome recipes.

What are you looking for? Are they appetizers, soups, Bread, meats, sauces, swallows, or making spices? Just name it. You’ll get more in Afrolems.

You can’t afford to be an African food enthusiast and not visit Afrolems.






Global Rank – 487062

Regional Rank – 5,041

Quality Nigeria Rank – 3

Back-link – 160

Instagram followers – 147k+

Facebook page status – Active

Traffic – Over 13k per month

Consistency of Blog Posts –Not Consistent

Feedback from Readers – Low is a beautiful blog and place for a solid cooking guide. The blog has featured on top websites like Buzzfeed and CNN. There is no need to say how quality such a blog is. If you wish to learn Ricer dishes, Traditional Nigerian soups, stews, Snacks, all manners of pottages, you’ve got to visit this blog. Do you want to have a cooking adventure? Visit this blog.

She writes in details so that even a dummy will understand the steps. Also, she makes a lot of videos and put them on her YouTube channel.

With a beautiful interface, great design and tons of quality information, eye appealing pictures, Dooney’s kitchen is one of the leading blogs about Nigeria food.




Global Rank – 326673

Regional Rank – 3946

Quality Nigeria Rank – 2

Backlinks – 160

Facebook followers – 76k plus

Facebook page status – Active

Traffic – over 77k monthly visits

Consistency of Blog Posts – Consistent

Feedback from Readers – Average

9jafoodie is one of the most popular and well-decorated food blogs in Nigeria. Ronke Edoho, the brain behind this quality blog has worked hard to make it a successful blog worth National and international recognition. About 17% of her readers are from the USA and Canada.
The blog is beautiful, well structured and arranged, with tons of mouth-watering recipes and a lot of readers. You can never get enough of her blog.

You’ll find all manner of Nigerian Stew recipes, soup recipes, sauce recipes, chicken recipes, rice recipes, yam, potatoes, small chops, plantains recipes, drinks and others.

Step by step pictures, self-explanatory written procedures. There are lots of videos for visual explanations which are all on her YouTube channel.

In addition, the blog contains Health and diet, tips and tricks, weight loss tips, System cleansing and a whole lot.





Global Rank – 451,200

Regional Rank – 4,233

Quality Nigeria Rank – 1

Back link – Not determined

Facebook followers – 22k plus

Instagram followers – 32k plus

Facebook page status – Active

Traffic – Not determined

Consistency of Blog Posts – Very consistent

Feedback from Readers – Low

The quality of the blog’s design speaks volumes. You can imagine the quality of the content. Doobysignature is one of the most comprehensive food blogs in Nigeria. It contains almost every recipe you might need. From the stews to the soups, fish, chicken, swallows, rice, drinks, sauces, bread, fruits, cheese, noodles, to an endless list of Nigerian delicacies. The food recipes are from all the four parts of Nigeria which signify a lot of hard work and experience, making the blog a major food blog to reckon with in Nigeria.

Also, it is an excellent blog for creativity and unknown recipes, creating extra-ordinary recipes out of ordinary ingredients.

If you are a foodie, whatever you do, never miss this Nigerian food blog.



These are great and amazing websites and the authors have done a lot of hard-work to achieve this tremendous success. However, they need to keep these sites blazing and better. From the analytics, the traffic being generated by these websites keeps getting lower by the month. This is a result of less consistency and lower engagement.

Great work, but do not relent. Keep them blazing!

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You know a food blog that will knock out any of these blogs? Let us know by commenting below. We’ll check it out and update.

Note: Before you suggest a better blog, how to know if  your website is good enough.

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