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Oladokun Oladapo is a professional writer, website designer, and blogger. He loves to read, think, create and put his best and stand out in everything he does.

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what to blog about

You have been seriously thinking about what to blog about in Nigeria but without success?

I know how you feel.

You’ve read a lot of articles about starting a blog. You’ve heard people rant about how having a blog is a must in the 21st century. You are convinced that you must have your website or blog.

But you are clueless where to start from. You are a Nigerian, but you seriously don’t know what to blog about in Nigeria. You see a lot of blogs about design, technology, music, tutorials and several other things. You think established bloggers are talented and already have good skills before they started their blogs. You examine yourself and you can’t find a single skill or idea that you can blog about in Nigeria.

You are on the verge of giving up on everything about blogging or having a website. Well, in this post, you’ll find the answers to your prayers.


But wait!



You have to know one thing about Blogging: It is hard work.

The only skill you are probably lacking is “Hard work”, which is the most important required skill in blogging.

If you are ready to be Hardworking, then you can blog. If you are not, then no matter the skill you have you’ll never be a successful blogger.


Okay, here we are!

You are determined to own your website, you are determined to be hard-working and put your best, but you don’t know what to blog about.

Here comes the answer to the concern. All you have to do is…



Yes, think. Think outside the box.



That’s not what you are looking for. You’ve been thinking but you never found it out.

Yes! What I’ll do is to help you think outside the box. But you’ll still do the thinking by yourself.

Do you know why?

The success of your Blog depends on you.

Let’s roll.


  1. Why do you need to start a blog or a website?

  • Do you want to blog just because you want your friends to call you a blogger?
  • Do you want to blog because you want many people are having blogs and you also want to feel among?
  • Do you want to blog because you just want to be popular and become a celebrity?
  • Do you want to blog because you have ideas in your head and you want to share them with the world?
  • Do you want to blog because you have a knowledge, skill or talent and you want to teach people?
  • Do you want to blog because you have some products you like to sell?
  • Do you want to blog because you just want to make money?
  • Do you want to blog because you want people to hire you for your freelance services?
  • Do you want to blog to create a brand for yourself?
  • Any personal other reason.


You have to really think about it and you have to be honest with yourself. It could be any of these reasons.

*Quick Note! *

If your reason is among the first three, you need to try harder. They are not good enough reasons and are vague. Look at the other reasons and see if you can fit into one of them.


  1. What can you do? What do you love doing?

What exactly do you find joy doing? This is the most important thing you must look into. Jumping into any random blog niche is a disaster. You’ll jump out the way you jumped in. This is where you need you spend a chunk of your time, thinking and considering as it will determine your success or failure.

Many successful bloggers have made several comments about finding your own niche, and many of them agreed that you must blog about your passion. Blogging is like marriage, it has its ups and down. But if you love your partner passionately, you will stick to him or her no matter what happens.

Blogging is tiring and stressful, but what keeps you going is the love for what you are doing.

From my observation, many people blog because they want to provide information, solve a problem or sell products.

  • Providing Information

There are many things to provide information on. Many people still believe blogs have to be about news, celebrities, and gossips. News and gossips may be popular but that’s just one of the thousand things you can blog about. There are endless possibilities and niches under this category. You could blog about things like;

News and gossips, Hot fashions, trending make-ups, Computers, Phones, Blogging, making money, getting a job, graphics design, website design, writing, business ideas, food, sports, farming, importation, health, losing weight, relationship, pregnancy related issues, baby related issues, technology trends and a lot of other niches.

The good thing about it is you don’t need to have a deep knowledge about any of these niches. All you need is to have an interest or passion for it and also be ready to be very hard-working. It’s not advisable to start a blog on something that bores you.

For example: If relationship talks bore you, starting a blog on “relationship” is a disaster. It’s very likely you’ll quit soon. You’ll never be able to make any reasonable impact and people don’t want a mediocre teacher.

Whatever niche you want, make sure it’s something you are really interested in. Even if you have a little or no idea about it, you can always read and learn more.


  • Solving a problem.

People constantly have problems and need their problems solved. They come online and see if they can get it solved. You’ll really need to think of the problems people usually run into and need help. For Example:

Music Lyrics, downloading music, movies and eBooks, reviews on songs or books or apps, online tutorials, Flight details and reviews, Hotel reviews, products reviews, product delivery, movies review and so on.

Let me show you an “outside-the-box” blogging idea.

There are lots of movies to download online. People are often confused on the interesting and hottest ones to download. This is a problem we all have. (A problem doesn’t have to be a huge and scary one.)

If you are a movie addict, why not start a blog on movie reviews? All you have to do is write honest, detailed and compelling reviews of those movies on your blog and provide a link to download them.

Once you have a breakthrough with your blog, Movie companies will beg and pay you to review their movies on your blog.

In this category, you have to be really good and knowledgeable about what you want to blog about.

  • Selling a Product.

In this category, all you have to do is build your blog around the good or services you want to sell.

People create blogs just to sell some Amazon or Clickbank products. Let’s say you want to sell baby clothing and accessories, you can create a blog on it, write about babies and the products you want to sell.

If you are a Chef and you need people to hire you, create a blog around what you do, put up some quality posts about food, recipes, cooking, ingredients, and outings. Create a portfolio and clients you’ve worked with let people know you are up for hire.


  1. Linking the two steps above.

Knowing the reason why you want to have a blog will indicate which category you fall into. If you are haven’t found any skill you are good at, simply look at the providing information. Think about the things you love doing, Google if there are existing blogs on it and read those blogs. Look at what they write and how they write it.

For Example; If you love shoes, go to and search for “Shoe blogs” or “Shoe blogs in Nigeria”, or “Shoes”.

Read through all the websites that show up in the results. You’ll get some Ideas and all you have to do is to think of is how you want your shoe blog to be structured. You really need to think outside the box if you want to stand-out.

Every successful professional today was once a complete newbie. Nobody gets it all figured out at first, but as time moves on, we get better. What matters is that we find what we love, start it and stick to it. In time, it’ll become better and successful.

Once you figure out what to blog about, don’t jump into creating a blog just yet, check out what you need to know before creating a blog.


4. Market and Audience. This is where to think of what to blog about in Nigeria.

Without people reading what you are writing, you have done nothing. You can as well as gather your dogs and cats and read your blog posts to them because that’s how it feels to do things that nobody is interested in.

You can’t become a superstar if you only sing in your bathroom where only you and your mother can hear your voice. Without people being interested in what you do, you’ll fail miserably. Therefore, as long as you do what you love, be sure that people are interested in it.

There are many things to blog about, but do you know what to blog about in Nigeria? The Nigerian market is a different market from the global market. You can only get my attention if you talk about what I need or am interested in.

You must really consider if you want a Global audience on your Blog, an African Audience, a Nigerian audience or maybe just a particular tribe or ethnic group. Then, check out what many people are interested in, and pick the one you would love to blog about.

Stuart Walker of    revealed a whooping sum of 1739 profitable niches you can delve into. Click here to read the article.


what to blog about in nigeria


You’ll be a fool to pick just any one of those niches and want Nigerians to follow your Blog. Only your father and mother will visit your blog.


Do you really want to know what to blog about in Nigeria? Then this well-researched and compiled list will give you an insight to what Nigerians want and need.

  • Make money online
  • Business and enterprise
  • Blogging
  • Education and admission news
  • Tutorials
  • Career and job vacancies
  • Cosmetic
  • Baby health
  • Pets
  • Sports (football) niche
  • Entertainment and gossip
  • Automobile niche
  • Fashion & style blog
  • Personal development blog
  • Food and bakery blog
  • Lifestyle
  • How to make money
  • Travelling abroad
  • Grocery
  • Health & fitness
  • Sex and Relationship
  • Technology
  • Telecommunication Updates and hacks
  • Agriculture
  • Marriage and family.
  • Religion
  • Furniture
  • Product review
  • Politics
  • Jokes


Ifiokobong of  listed out 20 untapped profitable niches in Nigeria

  1. Moringa Benefits (over 20k searches every month in Nigeria)
  2. Latest phones (over 40k searches every month in Nigeria)
  3. Cheap Laptops (over 50k searches every month in Nigeria)
  4. Kids security tips (over 20k searches every month
  5. Prayer points (over 40k searches every month in Nigeria)
  6. Event Planning (over 20k searches every month in Nigeria)
  7. Zara basic sandals (over 30k searches every month in Nigeria)
  8. Sonik super saver bundle (Over 15k searches every month in Nigeria)
  9. Scar remover (over 25k searched every month in Nigeria)
  10. Table Manners (over 30k searched every month in Nigeria)
  11. Shea Butter (over 40k searches every month in Nigeria)
  12. New baby list (over 40k searches every month in Nigeria)
  13. Sugar mummy (over 100k searches every month in Nigeria)
  14. Cheap flight tickets (over 100k searches every month in Nigeria)
  15. Cheap hotels (over 200k searched in Nigeria)
  16. Nigeria Events (over 30k searches every month in Nigeria)
  17. Baby carrier (over 15k searches every month in Nigeria)
  18. Penis enlargement (over 20k searched every month in Nigeria)
  19. Herbal Remedies (over 50k searches every month in Nigeria)
  20. Scientific Calculator (over 15k searches every month in Nigeria)




Check out those great and profitable niches with a lot of ready readers. Then, make a difference in the niche you choose. Stand out and provide great contents. Be a quality Nigerian Blogger.


Additional Study

For you to determine popular and trending niches especially in Nigeria, it’s important to have a good knowledge of keyword research. We’ll still get to know more in details about this important topic, but for now, let’s scratch it on the surface.

Keyword research in simple terms is finding out the amount of people searching for a particular word or set of words. Every day, people go on Google or Bing or Yahoo or any other search engine to search for something.

For example;


The highlighted group of words [how to blog in Nigeria] is called keywords. This is obviously a keyword for the blogging niche.

Google and other search engines tracks and records how many people and how many times those words are being typed and searched.

You can know how popular a niche is, by knowing how many searches occurred for that particular word or keywords.  If the monthly search is high, the niche is popular, and many people are seeking information for the niche, and there is a higher chance of you getting huge followers.


How do you know how popular a keyword is? (Keyword research)

Let’s assume you want to start a blog about Photography. You want to teach people the nitty-gritty of getting a good camera, handling it, using it and producing high quality images, then you’ll need to know if people are interested in it (Keyword research). What you’ll do next is to think about the likely keywords people will use to search for photography information on the internet.

Imagine that you don’t know anything about photography and you are willing to learn, what would you type on Google?

You’ll probably type any of the following;

  • Starting photography
  • Learn photography
  • Learn photography online
  • How to use a camera,
  • E.t.c

Just think about anything that would come to the mind of anyone who wants to learn photography online.

Now that you have come up with some likely keywords, we need to know how many searches are made for that keyword per month.

There are some tools you’ll need for that. I’ll recommend any of these. They are free to use.

  1. Google keyword planner tool is one of the best and recommended free tools to use. The only downside is that you might have trouble using it unless you start a campaign or an ad.
  2. Semrush
  3. thehoth
  4. serps


Using Semrush for a quick keyword research


This is the semrush keyword research page.(Click here to open the page) All you have to do is type whatever keyword you have in mind. Then, click “Try it”.

If you have never used the tool before, then you’ll have to register with your email.



Don’t worry about all the details for now. Just concentrate on the “volume” which is the average monthly search for that particular keyword. The volume is just 170.

Note: The result overview of this search is for the United States. This means 170 searches occurs in the United States per month for this keyword. To know the volume for Nigeria, you have to upgrade to a premium account. Semrush is free for only the United States and the United Kingdom.



If you scroll down, you’ll notice other related keywords to “starting photography” with their average monthly searches (volume).

For example, we can see that the keyword “how to start a photography business” has about 2,400 monthly searches.

The rule of thumb is; the higher the volume, the better.

To start a niche, you have to ensure that at least, one of the keywords has above 1,000 monthly searches or volume. This is not a must, but it’s good.

Now, because the first keyword you researched has a low volume doesn’t mean the niche has low traffic. It just means the keyword you researched has a low traffic. Try other keywords relating to that niche and compare the results.

For example;

Using the Semrush difficulty tool, we compared four different keywords relating to Photography niche. As you can notice, even though “starting photography” has only “170” searches, “learn photography” and “photography” has “390” and “33,100” monthly searches.

Also, just a word can make a difference in the search volume. Using Serps research tool, you can notice a huge difference between two very similar keywords.


Quick Note

As you go niche down, the volume and the competition reduces. As you go more generic, the volume and the competition increases.

This is just an introduction to keyword research and following the steps above succinctly will help in choosing a niche, based on keyword. More detailed and comprehensive on this would be out very soon.



I got the idea of starting this website after two years of confusion. So, I’ve been there and I know how it feels not to know what to blog about in Nigeria. One day, while searching for an idea, I stumbled on a very huge and powerful website and the idea of was birthed. It’s a global website but QualityNigeria is on a smaller scale and a Nigerian version of it.


I believe you now have enough tips for you to figure out what to blog about in Nigeria, just like I did. Never should you give the excuse that you don’t know what to blog about in Nigeria again.

If you are a blogger, let us know how you got the idea of your blog. It’ll go a long way in helping aspiring bloggers on this thread.

Ensure you subscribe to Quality Nigeria newsletter to get more quality information to transform you from a rookie thinking blogger to a quality and professional blogger.


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